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Acca Kappa Thermo-Natura Beechwood Hairbrush

Acca Kappa

Thermo-Natura Brush

For anyone with stress or dehydrated hair post-summer (or winter), or from colors and perms, Acca Kappa Thermo-Natura Brush is made for you. Ideal for your next blow-out, this brush is made with naturally anti-static Beechwood, high-quality Pure Boar bristles, and an aluminum barrel coated with Majolica ceramic to promote healthy, hydrated hair leaving it soft and shiny. Use of a normal thermic brush with nylon filaments can cause serious damage by drawing moisture away from the already-stressed hair. 



  • Specially designed for curly and frizzy hairstyles, as well as colored and treated hair
  • Perfectly anti-static
  • Use the brush to pull hair taut from the hairline and direct hairdryer for a good blow-dry
  • For a longer hold, let the brush cool down leaving the hair rolled up around it
  • For less volume at the hairline, loosen the grip of the brush and let the ends cool down while still rolled up around the brush
  • 24.2cm in length
  • 50mm in diameter, 32mm grid diameter