Set of Five Scented Candles


Set of Five Scented Candles

Baies, the tangy freshness of blackcurrant berries mingled with floral accents of rose. Roses, the fresh and flowery notes of rose bushes overflowing with flowers in May. Figuier, the delicious fragrance of fig trees, with woody and fruity notes. Tubéreuse, the scent of these slender white flowers, heady but fresh and green. The novelty Lys, a bouquet of freshly cut white flowers, enhanced with spicy accents.

To celebrate the holidays, diptyque brings together 5 35g candles in a special gift box. A wonderful opportunity to discover five timeless floral and fruity emblematic scents of the Maison: Baies, Roses, Figuier, Tubéreuse, and the new Lys scent .