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Diptyque Spicy Floral Candle 190g
Diptyque Spicy Floral Candle 190g
Diptyque Spicy Floral Candle 190g


Spicy Floral Candle

A majestic lion, a mysterious swan, a lively and loyal deer: three marvelous animals enchant Paris under the snow. For each marvelous animal, diptyque and artist Ugo Gattoni have partnered to create a new scented candle. Adorned with the emblematic oval of the Maison and elements of Parisian architecture, all three candles have a unique color and decor. With their limited edition scents, the holiday spirit shines.
Roses - Spices - Cinnamon

Rubbing its nose on a bed of roses, a majestic lion releases their scent.
A bouquet of rare roses warmed with spices and fiery cinnamon:Floral Majesty is a promise of radiant energy. A bold floral scent, so that joy reigns the season.

To preserve its fragrance and protect its wax, the 190g Floral Majesty candle comes with an elegant black candle lid.

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