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Canadian born Timothy Han founded his eponymous fragrance label in 2014. After years in the fashion and design industry, Han wanted to channel his creative energies into developing something unique and unconventional. A platform for collaboration, rebellion and creativity.Inspired by a conversation with the mixologist Paul Tvaroh, Timothy Han / Editions was born.

Fragrances that combine the literary with the sensory, each scent is designed to take the wearer on a unique journey, just like the novels on which they are based. Each fragrance is named after a pioneering literary work, with specially designed packaging created in collaboration with artists of a likeminded attitude.

Structurally, the fragrances echo this spirit of rebellion. Whereas most commercial fragrances operate on the two second rule, revealing themselves upon first encounter, Han’s fragrances reverse the traditional perfume structure, striking first with the base notes and developing over time to reveal their subtle nuances. Like a story, each scent unfolds on the skin, disclosing itself gradually, taking the wearer on a journey through beginning, middle, and end.

Handcrafted in small batches, each edition is as unique and unusual as the artists who inspire it and the individuals that wear it.