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271 Recovery Lip Mask

LA Bruket

271 Recovery Lip Mask

A melting mask that instantly moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier, keeping lips hydrated, plump and smooth over time.

COSMOS Natural certified.

Instantly moisturises and strengthens the skin's barrier, keeping lips hydrated, plumped and smooth for the long term. Contains a unique seaweed complex selected for its repairing and moisturising mechanism. Enriched with natural oils, butters and waxes that act as a protective envelope, it encapsulates and retains moisture within the skin's layers for a soft, luminous finish.

Directions for use: For a deep treatment, apply generously on the lips in the evening and leave on overnight, during which time the skin cells are actively regenerating and our lips are left to rest. Can also be used at any time for at least 15 minutes.