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Set of Two Candles + Carousel (Feu de Bois and Amber)


Set of Two Candles + Carousel (Feu de Bois and Amber)

This box set is composed of two emblematic candles, Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) and Ambre (Amber), in a 70g format, accompanied by a refined accessory to bring a festive touch to the home. As the heat of the candle flame sets it turning, the carousel projects enchanting light and shadow effects, thanks to the graphic details, inspired by the iconic Basile motif, of its five gilded pendants.

Feu de Bois conveys the dense, smoky notes of logs slowly burning in an open fireplace.
Ambre evokes the heady, enveloping scent of this precious resin, discovered in an antique treasure chest.

 Carousel for use atop a 70g diptyque candle.

In store, the carousel box set can be composed of any two small candles from our entire collection.

Recommendations for use:
- Take great care when opening the box and transporting the carousel. The pendants are very fine and fragile.
- Light the candle before placing the carousel on top of it.
- Do not touch the carousel when the candle is lit.

To prolong the holiday spirit and promote a sustainable approach, the packing foam in the gift box can be easily removed and recycled so that the box can be reused to store other treasures.



With every purchase of diptyque EDP fragrances, customer will receive 1pc Do Son EDT 10ml.