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153 Scented Candle Tabac
153 Scented Candle Tabac

LA Bruket

153 Scented Candle Tabac

Refillable scented candle made of wax from organic soy with a masculine and oriental scent of cedar and musk.
The candle is filled by hand in a mouth blown tinted amber glass.

Burn time: 15 hours (50g), 45 hours (260g)

On a base of masculine vibrations of tobacco leaves, cedarwood and earthy dry notes, the sweet enticement of musk, lemon and jasmine creates a golden aura of mindfulness and anticipation to give life and focus to your mind.

Wax from organic soy.

Directions for use: Light the candle for shorter periods of time to maximise the scent and make it more long lasting. Cut the wick to a length of 5-7 mm before lighting and relighting the candle. Place the lid underneath the glass to protect it from heat if the candle burns all the way down.