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La forte reve candle refill
La forte reve candle refill


La forte reve candle refill

To refill it:

When around 5 mm of wax remains at the bottom or the metal wick support is visible, the candle is finished.

Once the wax has cooled, place the candle jar inside a bowl of water heated to 60°C, with the water halfway up the height of the candle jar. Wait for 2 minutes to allow the wax time to soften.

Lift the candle jar out of the water, then slide the blade of a round-tipped knife between the vessel and the edges of the remaining block of softened wax, then slide the knife under the wax. Pop out the wax and dispose of it in the trash.

Wash and dry the inside of the vessel.

Pull back the flaps on either side of the inner sleeve to open it, then place the wax refill into the vessel.